BlAcK hEaRt BlAcK nAiLs

My TrIp To HeLl AnD bAcK
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2003-02-03 02:29:08 (UTC)

miss him

just got back from the movies and amys house since its her
b-day. god.. i miss john so much. why does he has to be in
texas? wow.. ok.. i finally have enough courage to say
something. but i can only tell you. its so obvious to
everyone else.. but noone fully believes it because they
know i even tell MYSELF myself that i dont. but i am
completly and totally still in love with john. i feel so
evil saying that. i dunno wut to do about zack. hes nice
and all.. just not exactly what i want. but i cant dump
him.. we have to stay friends. god.. i miss him so much
though.. i cry every single day thinking about him. im
even putting my fingers on my lips like he does. i
miss being called "Autumn baby" lol.. and i miss calling
him my "big brother johnny". i could just sit here telling
you all the things i miss about him.. but i cant. im going
to go

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