Alisha's Journal
2003-02-03 02:26:49 (UTC)

I have no clue...

I hate choosing a topic to call this before i even write
it. Maybe i'll be smart and put a topic in last.
Yeah. that sounds good.


Anyways. Hmm...what's new with me? Nothing. lol.
What's new around me? Nothing. Wow.
Whats not new? My computer is dumb, But this time it has a
reason. lol, its got a virus or something. yeah....we get
to start new. yay. im excited. I'm in such a mellow, dumb
mood. Im not happy, but im not really sad. Its
just....dull. Oh well. School is tomorrow. EW. I hate it. i
really do. I'm in a whiny mood, lol, i guess its better
than dull?


haha, i like writing ok in the middle of no where. heehee.
Well, lets go in my mind and let you all know why im acting
this way.
1. I had a LONG day at work today.
2. I got something off my chest.
3. My car is dumb.(it broke, sorta...but it still works,
4. I realized school was tomorrow and i had five days
before i could sleep again.
5.THEN, i realized that i didn't, and won't have a date
for prom. YAY.
oh well, i'll have fun all by myself. lol, i'll probably go friends. lol. Shoot, gots ta go.