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2001-09-19 22:52:44 (UTC)

To Be Friends or To Be a Little More....That is The Question

Actually, it isn't any question...Me and Scott are friends.
WE are really really really good friends, but nothin
more...I mean tehre is nothing else going on between us just
because hes a guy and im a girl...we r still just friends.
Actually he is my best friend, but everyone thinks that we r
way more than just friends...it bugs the hell out of
me...Its like none of my friends want to face the fact that
a guy could actually be better friends than they are. They
always bug me about that and say taht we're going out and
stuff which is just nutz cause they all know that I am so
inlove with my boyfriend Ty(ya for neone whos read my other
entrys me and Ty did hook up after all) and I would never
ditch Ty or cheat on him or anything!! I am completely
obsessed with Ty and there is no way Scott would ever take
his place. But everyone swears that we are together and
stuff and its just so frunstrating. And I'm sure that even
Scott wants to be more than friends and I knwo that even my
paretns think I'm with scott....its just bad!! It seems I'm
the only one that realizes that Scott and I are JUST
FRIENDS!!!! no more...no less.....that way forever......

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