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2003-02-03 02:24:56 (UTC)


Have you ever had one of those days when you just wana
punch someone in their face whil they're talking to you? I
had one of those days today. It started off waking up at 3
a.m. (still sick as a dog) and my arm is twitching. I
couldn't get it to stop, and it was freakin me out. For
like 20 minutes, and when ur half asleep 20 minutes is
forever. I finally went to sleep. And i woke up feeling
like crap, then my mom made me some food, so that was
good. Then I headed to work. On the way, 5 people cut me
off, but i succesfully got in front of 4 and brake checked
their asses. I can't STAND bad drivers, it drives me
crazy. Good thing i dont carry a gun when i drive... Once
i get to work, i have to help some guests that keep
complaining about the stupidest things, and i felt like
caughing on them and leaving, but i couldn't. Then the
front desk guy kept askin me to go here, do this blah
blah. Then i am suposed to go to every room that someones
is checking into that night and turn certain lights on and
make sure the air temp is right and what not, but there was
30 rooms to do this to, and im sick, so i go to the first
room on the list, go to the back part with the bed, and
watch some tv. And when the people check in to the rooms,
the front desk person is suposed to call me on my radio to
tell me their coming up so im not in their room 'setting it
up' when they get there. But of course he didn't tell me,
and in walks a lady while im laying on her bed, but she
cna't see me, so i jump up, turn the tv off and act liek im
setting it up... close one... i wish i could punched the
front desk person. Just to let you know, i get real fustrated when
im sleepy, not to mention sick...Now i am sitting here, at work..
sick. It sucks. Well i'm out, later.
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