Mod Girl

Mod Girl
2001-09-19 22:47:01 (UTC)


Well lets just start this off with a little background... i
moved out of a bad living situation with some crazy psycho
hose beasts (females) a couple months ago... i just began
seeing one of my old roommates ex boyfriends...

so yeah...

tomorrow night i am going out with him.

i would really like to see something happen with him. Hence
i would really like to get some action, which i havent had
in a really long time. The last guy i fooled around with
was a total mistake and i got hurt in the long run, by all
the mean things he told my friends... he said i violated
him... lol! RIGHT! Tell me how you violate a guy thats 2x
your size and hornier then you are... right... oh well.
Thats all ic an say about that... this is my first entry,
ill see how it goes from here.