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2003-02-03 01:56:13 (UTC)


So this past weekend I learned a few things about myself.
I learned that I when I dont want to talk about something
I tend to change the subject, I must have been doing it
for so long that I didnt even realize myself that I do it.
Then once I was told that, I started to find myself doin
that, whenever I didnt want to here something I could
change the subject so quicly. I then started to spend some
time thinking about why I do that, and I really dont know.
That was only the start of things. I was told that I am
dependent on people, that I feel like I need someone. I
thought about that, and I guess it could be true. I havent
been single in a long time, long long long time. I always
seem to be with someone. I dont think that I have to be
with someone, but I have been told that twice. Both by
people who have and do care about me. I was even told
that if I needed time to be by myself and concentrate on
making myself happy he would be ok with that. Im thinking
of going to talk to a counsler, see if I do have something
wrong with me, maybe take the advice that people have been
trying to give me and actually listen to them. Well Im
making an appointment for next week, I guess ill see what

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