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2001-09-19 22:43:48 (UTC)

Finally The Only Thing I Ever Wanted I Will Have!!

WEel, ok, there has always been this one thing that ive
always wanted that I've never been able to get!!! Its
something I couldn't jsut go pick up @ a store.....something
I could not buy with all the money in the world, but also
something I never thought I would ever get. WEll, guess
waht....I got it!! I got what I wanted....and it will be
born in 9 months!! lol...thats right..im finally..for the
first time in my life....gonna be a sister!!!! I am like
super psyched..adn i picked out names and my mom actually
said they were ok and she'd probably use them....they are
Mark Kaden for a boy(named after his daddy mark) or Ricky
Lee for a girl!!

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