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2001-09-19 22:40:50 (UTC)

More Ranting. I refuse to go quietly...

"I know that one person probally cannot change the world or
erase the actions of the past week, but damnit, I will be
heard, and I will fight for what I know in my heart is

On September 11th, our country suffered a horrible loss and
my heart goes out to all of the families who lost someone
they loved.

But, despite this horrific event, I cannot support war
against innocent people. I refuse to support the ignorant
actions of a nation stumbling around with blind hatred.
Yes, these attacks were tragic, and yes, I have and do cry
everyday for all of the families and all of the victims.
But taking our anger and fear out on millions of innocent
citizens, children, mothers, fathers, is not going to stop
the pain. It is not going to right a wrong or make it all
go away. It will not stop this from happening again. All
that can come from this is death, and hasnt there been
enough of that already? What the US needs to do is think
with their brains for once instead of their wallet, and
come up with a constructive solution. They need to think
about why this happened and what needs to change. They need
to realize that our countries strength lies in our ability
to make peace, not fight. We will always have enemies and
these kind of events will keep happening until our
government starts taking a look at the bigger picture.

Although I am an advocate for peace, I still think that the small
group behind this needs to be captured and tortured horribly till
they die a slow and painful death.

Its funny how it takes something as tragic as war for one to finally
realize their purpose in life. I guess you don't truly know what you
believe in until its tested, and this past week has tested to the
bone my morals, values and beliefs.