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2003-02-03 01:30:30 (UTC)

Humanity Sucks

Well, more that my outlook has changed. Here we go...

I thought that people are basically good. That nobody is
born bad. But who knows now.

Today, I was checking out a customer who comes in all the
time. She(Michelle) and I were chatting, and the man
behind her in line jumped into our conversation. Michelle
paid, and overpaid me, so I gave her back the extra money.
She thanked me, and commented that she thought that people
were generally trustworthy. The man who we had been
talking too agreed and said he thought that honesty was
the best characteristic that someone has. Michelle left,
and he and I continued talking, and after he paid for
whatever the hell he bought, he asked if he could give me
some fives and tens for some twenties. I said fine, of
course. He counted out money, and I recounted it and made
the change. But there was a pile of ones on the counter in
front of him and all of a sudden he stops and tells me
that I counted a one as a twenty. I found that to be odd,
but I had no proof that he pocketed the bill. I was pretty
sure that I gave him the proper amount, but he had just
talked about honesty, and there were people waiting behind
him. So, asshole that I am, gave him the extra twenty. He
left. And I kept thinking about it until I figured out
that I had probably been taking. Running the tape over in
my mind.

I'm so pissed. Yes, it's only $20. Fine. But it's the fact
before in numerous ways, and I'm sick of it. Humans are
just nasty creatures and shouldn't be trusted any farther
than you can throw them.


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