Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I
2003-02-03 01:30:00 (UTC)

What a day!

I haven't written in a while but new month new diary! I
love Bob to death but I don't think he really knows how I
feel...I don't really know how he feels about me cuz I
don't know if I can truly believe everything he says to
me!! I'm soo confused by him cuz he does that thing where
one minute he is my best friend and i can tell him
everything and then the next he is an ass and then the next
I dunno.....
I haven't talked to jason cuz I was working this weekend! I
really like him and I think he might like me too! He calls
me everyday at exactly 6:30 and Ilove it! He is hott as can
be and a true sweetheart! I think next weekend when he
doesn't have to work for the weekend he is gonna come visit
Shellie is pissed at me I guess because i ignored her one
day when I was on the phone wit jason and tay and jaclyn
and christina!!
I guess everything is ok here wit the family except me and
my ma have been getting into a lot of fights and i have a
huge gash on my face from her!
I worked at the fair today! It was ok I got hit on buy this
guy who works for them he thought i was a mark just
helping out but he got it that i know more about the
carnival buisness then him!! hahaha! I'll see him agian
this summer if we travel wit him instead of wit silver
dollar! I'm gonna miss everyone there! I heard mikey and
joey r gonna be going bak out so is judd anf bengi!! I miss
danny sooo bad and i think he is off road now but I lost
his number when my cell broke from throwing it across state
fair!! I miss him and I loved him and that will never
I need a b/f... I want jason but it will be hard! I like
corey too but he is to ................ for me! i dunno
whatr that is suppose to be but i don't think I would hook
up wit someone like that!
well i'm gonna shut up now and go!! byebye!!