~~Eirry Berry~~
2003-02-03 01:23:57 (UTC)

What a Wonderful Morning

January 2

So I am very concerned. Josh stayed over my house
last night, that was no big deal he slept in my brother's
room and I slept in my room, not a problem right? No
there is a problem. After I get out of the shower at
about 6:00 a.m. I go to wake Josh up. He is just so cute,
I can't even describe to you. I just want to wake him up
every day, forever and ever. Yeah, that's not so good.
We've been dating what, not even a week yet. I can almost
handle missing him whenever I'm not with him (yesterday
was so hard and he kept sending me messages and they were
so sweet). That I can deal with but this is not good. I
want to wake him up every morning. Help, I need some