~~Eirry Berry~~
2003-02-03 01:16:02 (UTC)


February 1

YAY! Michelle's Birthday Day! The limo ride was so
fun! Even though some people (not mentioning any names)
at all of the chips and Carissa and I were forced to hide
the last remaining bag of pretzels. The best part of the
trip was when we told Michelle that we were here and she
couldn't see where we were and when she got out of the
limo and saw we were at Chicago she hugged me. I am such
a wonderful friend, I know. All the planning and
stressing and poorness were all worth it. Chicago was so
great, even that stupid Backstreet Boy was wonderful. I
can't even describe how amazing the play was, I had the
best time ("Mr. Cellophane"). Dinner at Rue 57 was
delicious as usual. I had some of Michelles sushi (baby
tuna with ginger, of course) and it was just the best
sushi ever. I never use to really like sushi but now I
think that I am hooked on this tuna, it was that good.
That was pretty much the end of our night right there.
Nothing too exciting happened on the way home. When we
got to my house we ate cake and then Carissa and I had to

My poor Josh was stranded at Camelback so Carissa and
I went to rescue him and bring him back to my house (I
don't know if you can call that much of a rescue...). Now
I am convinced that he likes Cory more than me. Really, I
think he might. Nah, as my mom put it " He's a little
whipped Erica." He's really not though, he's just sweet
(I know you all are rolling your eyes but he's not
whipped, he is just that perfect and sweet). Carissa fell
asleep and I went into Cory's room with Josh because he
had to sleep in there so we could watch Out Cold for like
the millionth time (little hyperbole there but I really
have seen it many times). I feel asleep on Josh in about
15 minutes and about a half hour after that I went to
bed. Thats the end of my exciting day.

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