.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-09-19 22:28:14 (UTC)

today was crazy

ok, so after school i was gonna go straight home and
straight chill (emphasize on Straight) so on the way to
home i see mark then later john, and i decided to go get
some pizza (innocent enough) so we walk up ther and chill
for a while, more kids come in and we stay for a little
over an hour, smoke, chat, whatever, lots of fun, oh by the
way, emily and alyssa come in, i felt bad, but i had to, i
didnt join their table, it was sorta like "WE never go for
pizza anymore, fuck this, im not sittin with you guys, even
though alyssa and i are ok pals" they asked me to go to
homecomming with them, i dont want to go, i dont want to
look stupid and spoof it with them, i dont, id rather do
somthin else that night (hint: dans place... party) i'm
looking forward to the end of work, oh i didt finish my
after school story, so anyway we are eatin at the gallery
and this boy ryan comes in (not lauzon, he was already with
us) and hes got 3 nicks, so we go up to mark's and they jam
and smoke up, i chill and make quasedias, and screw on
marks computer and enjoy the most entertaing of all, ryan
lauzon, damn he acts just like his brother high. so then i
headed home, got home, quick, did vocab (cough) and then
went online, its 6:21 and my dad still hasnt called me yet,
(suprise suprise) i throughly enjoyed showing my pictures
of the APO show, speaking of APO shows, im getting
frustrated with adam and jb, i think they are
procrastinating about their shows on the weekend of october
5th and 6th, i feel like i have no control oveer the shows,
which i obviously dont, even though im helpin, i guess when
i do shows, i have the passion and it just takes over, so i
DO worry about venues and scheduling and promtion, but
whatever, they'll figure it out.
clint says hes out of junior or somthing, weird, said he
fought with zac, i wish i could talk to zac, i asked brad
for his SN but he didnt have it, i guess its not the time
to ask clint, even though ive wanted it for a relatively
long time.
in other news, christine is going out with lee stapley,
what the fuck, that doesnt even fit, anyone kno how that
works??? shes, well, ditsy, and hes deep and smart and a
drug addict, weird, i guess he just wants some,
understandable, john geregely's been sayin it too, she just
looks the part. ok well i gotta go, i just heard my cell
ring and didnt bother to go tet it, so yeah, this is all
for today, night.