Pandora's Box
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2001-09-19 22:24:42 (UTC)


well as my heading says.. it is spirit week. i guess it's
kool b/c i get to act stoopid and not get made fun of. well
here's the stuff and what i did:

Monday- (hat day) i wore a white cowboy hat

Tuesday- (twin day) me and robyn wore black and green
striped stocking things, our jeans were rolled up to our
knees, hair in pigtails, left pigtail: spraypainted orange,
right pigtail: spray painted pink, black shirts, my left
foot & her right foot wore a monkey sock thing, and we
switched the shoes on our left feet.

Wednesday- (pj day) pink pj bottoms, pink and white t-
shirt, pink slippers, and my pink blanket.

Thursday- (my fav)(fav. era/decade) jeans w/ embroidery on
bottom, hippi-ish shirt, head band, LOTS of bracelets, mood
stuff, flower painted on my face, and hippie looking

Friday- (color day) black shirt, black pants, pale makeup,
black lipstick, black eyeahdow.

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