Quiet Goth Chick

Hiding In The Shadows
2001-09-19 22:10:28 (UTC)

"It's reassuring to know that wherever you go kids are the same, shallow and stupid" ~Daria

I had the day off again, and as usual, I didn't know what
to do with myself. So I was online all morning, and all
afternoon. I was looking up Ian's bands' web site. I was
mostly reading the message boards. And then I came across a
topic that was started by a user called "IansAngelAsh"
which in my opinion is a really stupid screen name, but hey
to each's own right? well that was Ian's ex gf, the one
that he was "sooo hurt by". I guess, from the way he made
it sound, that he really loved her. Even though he was only
with her for liek 3 months. And in the message board
someone was making fun of her calling her a "frizzy haired
fat ass" i was laughing my ass off. she is a lozer. oh well
she had her chance, i heard from someone that she wants him
back, but its my turn, one strike your out! even though i
had 2. (i went out with him from last halloween, till
january) ohh well. not my fault.