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2003-02-03 00:18:52 (UTC)


Since it's such a big deal, i feel i should say something
about Space Shuttle Columbia.
NASA are a bunch of inbreds.
They knew the space shuttle had problems like 2 weeks ago,
just because it didn't immediately plummet back down to
earth in some death spiral they all figure everything's
All the technology in the world, and our tax dollars pay
for assumptions. Bad ones at that. Then Bush gives some
teary-eyed la-de-da bullshit speech...doesn't he have
nuclear missiles to be polishing? If he's gonna get our
whole country wiped out by all the anthrax Saddam is
supposedly hoarding, he could at least use his time
productively making the weapons of mass destruction tidy.

Anyways, today was another boring day. Jodie came over and
we went for a walk. Chris says we're gonna move to nevada
and run a brothel, as well as a same sex wedding service,
it will be called "Viva Las Gaygas".