2001-09-19 21:42:47 (UTC)


I just wanted to commend myself for the great job I'm doing
at getting back into shape. Okay, well maybe I was never
really out of shape, but I'm trying to change the way that
I feel I look. Does that make sense? I want to feel better
about the way that I look, so I've been doing a lot of
cardio and weight training. Achieving my goal is pretty far
away, but at this pace I'm on my way there (I can feel it!)
Though it is hard to eat/ eat healthy with my parents on
Atkins. Nothing in the house except fat and protein. It's
not even good protein, its fatty protein... hot dogs etc.
Not very good for someone who's trying to change their bod.
I don't have any really big on my mind today. I mean, I
have the same old stuff on my mind: job, money, school. A
main topic in my brain for the past couple of days has also
been that guys are sleezy. I've come to the conclusion that
guys are dumb because they think with their smaller head. I
would say this is true for most every guy. Buying a black
box to unscramble the porn channels so that you can jerk
off.... ha! I'm so glad I don't spend the majority of my
day thinking about getting off. But hey, if that's your
thing, then that's your thing. And I'm over it... just like
all the computer porn. Black box is just the latest,
greatest and fastest way to do what you love, who am I to
dis it? Just don't get mad when I start fantasizing about
the hotties walking out of the guys gym after water polo
practice. Didn't know I checked out guys?? Well, I didn't
know you were a porn freak. "I only jerk off looking at
pictures of you Tara". Oh God, I'm actually laughing out
loud now. The lawyer thing works well for guys like you,
keep up the good work.

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