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2001-09-19 21:40:35 (UTC)

MY HAIR IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! honestly..... talked to all these guys... wohooo!!! =)

It took me and my mom an hour just to find a place to get
our hair cut! grrrr. First we went to the Beauty Academy on
Academy. They had like two people doing cuts, so it was
going to take an hour to wait for just my mom's cut. So she
was like HELL NO! So we drove down to Super Cuts that my
dad always goes too. They were closed.. That pissed my mom
off. Then we finally went to the International Beauty
College near the Super Cuts and got our hair cuts. Mine is
SO CUTE! Its short, like under my chin short. Its layered
up to about the middle of my ear. It looks so freaking cute
when you curl it. LOL =) I'm really happy with my hair cut!
I love it! Normally I always like my hair cut, but I REALLY
like this one. hehe

Well I was JUST talking to this hottie from Germany. He
won't be there for long cause he is going to be enlisting
in the Army real soon. He might be stationed here. (YAY) He
is freaking HOT!!! lol He likes me too! I'm like HOLY SHIT
MAN! So who knows... this might go some where.

Then there is the sutch guy that live in lakewood thar is
freaking hot too! He has been emailing me a lot and every
now and again we talk on the phone. Not alot, but when we
can get a hold of each other. LOL =) Yay I'm pimping it
again hehe j/k

Haven't heard from Matt yet... maybe when I get home or
something. hehe

Well got to run!

See ya~

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