Mystical Blonde Girl

Mystical World Of A Wild Blonde
2001-09-19 21:38:28 (UTC)

SO VERY happy and excited!!!!!!!!!!! hehe

OMG TALKED TO MATT AGAIN!!! yes! He was all like "Babe
sorry that Nick fucked you over... I hope you didn't let
that asshole touch that sweet pussy of yours. I hope that I
can soon... I'm rock hard right now thinking of you sucking
on me... OHH YEAH.... I will SO be calling you soon. This
week sometime... sorry I can't make it to homecoming... I
would make that night hella special for you! Oh yeah he has
to work a week shift... being in the Army and all. With all
the shit its hectic for him... Too baby! I guess I will
ahve to suck him good for it =)

HAHA that sounds so funny..."new hair" lol

It just means that I'm going to get my hair cut later
tonight. I was suppost to get it doen at 3pm, but my mom
forgot about it LOL. She has to get her hair cut, so she is
taking me. I was going to get it done anyway, but now I
don't have to pay LOL...

(already said but it always helps)I talked to Matt last
night... God he is sexy! He told me he wouldn't be able to
go to my homecoming cause of him being in the Army and
being a commander... hehe... that he would be on staff for
most of the weekend. So right now seeing him at all is
freaking TIGHT! I hate it =( I just want to see him... grrrr

Oh well. Life goes on. I asked an old friend of mine,
Heith, if he would like to go with me. I have known Heith
since like 6th grade at Irving. I was friends with his
brother (still am) Aaron and thats how we meet. I have
actually liked Heith for a long time. I have even pretty
much told him. I never REALLY told him, but he knows I do.
So its all good. I still do. I like NEVER see him now that
I dropped out of band. =( Which sucks, cause I really do
like him... *sigh* Hopefully he will say yes... who knows.

I talked to Mike online today... he said pretty much shit.
He said like two words... oh well.

Well got to run. After dinner I chop my hair off LOL.

See ya!