My Life Story
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2001-09-19 21:25:16 (UTC)

Hey! My emotions have been..

Hey! My emotions have been going back and forth all day
today. First period, in AP History, we got a test back. I
thought I had done fairly well on it, but as it turns out,
I was wrong. I got a 68 percent! I was not happy at all.
Then second period I went to choir and got to see T so that
cheered me up again. After third period, during lunch, I
went and picked up my yearbook and my school picture isn't
in it. I'm in all the club pictures and everything, but the
main picture isn't there. I was really pissed. I cheered up
yet again in 9th period, though, when I found out that I
have an A in Zoology. I had a drama club meeting after
school and when I got there I was disappointed at first. I
was hoping T would be there cause I wanted to talk to him.
I couldn't find him anywhere though. About 5 minutes later,
he came in and sat down by me, so everything was ok. I
stayed after the meeting and T and I talked for awhile. It
was really nice. I was on one of those crazy adrenaline
rushes after talking to him, and then shortly after I got
home my dad came home. This was a huge surprise for me,
since he's not supposed to get off work till 6. He came and
told me that he's sick again and had me get him some
medicine before he went to bed. I really don't know how
sick he is or anything like that right now. All I know is
that my mom's really worried that he's gonna get bad again.
This whole thing is really frustrating cause she won't let
me make any noise whatsoever, and I'm not allowed to make
myself anything for dinner that has any kind of a smell to
it (which is just about everything). We were supposed to
have (church) choir practice tonight, but now that my dad's
sick I'm not sure if that's gonna happen. Well, I better go
check on my dad. Later.

~Daria :)