No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-02-02 23:23:42 (UTC)

writing more

hey! I decided I should write more, and tell you more aobut
my day like I use to. There are still things I wont say.
I'm not "sweet and innocent". I come off as all "sweet and
innocent" like I follow the rules and I'm a good girl. But
as the saying goes, "good girls are bad girls who don't get
caught" that is completely true for me. I just don't get
caught. I'm "sweet and innocent" till you get to know me or
get me alone. One on one, with anyone. I dont mean just
sexually or whatever, I mean completly. Yeah, I figured
that out the other day. But, I will still come off
as "sweet and innocent" still. :D
Ok, today. I went to bed around 1:30-2:00 and woke up at
11:10. Tok a shower, got ready, washed mom car, got online,
walked aound, talked on the phone, got online, did laundry
throughout that. I think that't it. Bunches of fun. Yeah,
so now you know what I've been doing. lol.
I'm gunna run...later.