my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-02-02 22:45:03 (UTC)


man! the church had the football game today.. but after
church, me and steph went shopping(after lunch that is) and
i didnt get to the field till 4 and they were gone lol. i
was sad lol i wanted to go and hang out. but i saw nelly
real fast as we were leaving. ill see them all tonight i
guess. *sigh* man shoppin cna be fun but well. wow somethin
funny happened but i can't remember what it was. lol too
bad. DUDE this mornign steph and i were way late for church
lol we didn't get there till like 11:30! it was funny. then
dakota(niece) kept talking during prayer. i mean not
*talking* but. gurgling. ok. well i just took a shower like
a hour ago ang then i put on make up(taking my time) and
actually blow dried my hair! but well i didn't style it(i
never do ha takes to much time im not that patient) and
then i came down and heated up the spagetti i made
yesterday and i got some on my light purple shirt... so i
had to change lol. i keep listening to the same 12 stones
song over and over. it reminds me of nickleback. any way i
think im gonna get off no ones on to talk to. well my bubby
is. but i dont think ill talk to him right now. bye.

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