my simple small world
2003-02-02 22:22:13 (UTC)

here I go again...

I'm tired of everything...I'm really tired of this life.
What do I have to show for 16 years of existence?Other then
the statistical tag of being pregnant and single in the
state of maryland...I have nothing.
What the hell do I have to live for?That certain sparkle in
my eye that makes me feel complete?Ah, no...more and more
everyday I love him more and everyday he seems to grow more
and more distant...
What the hell did I do to deserve this?All of this...
I never knocked up a 15 year old girl and dissapeared...I
never put someone in the situation where they had to
basically kiss their fucking life goodbye and then go out
and try to get another job since the one that their working
for now isn't paying them enough...I've never let anyone
down the way people in my life let me down...
It just doesn't make sense.Karma is supposed to be times
three.I may not be a saint, but I don't think I am a shitty
enough person to deserve a life where you wake up and feel
alone and you go to sleep and you feel alone and you eat
your breakfast and you feel alone and you take a shower and
you feel alone...and you go around people and you feel
alone, and you go around the one you love and you REALLY
feel alone since though they are right next to you, they
are so far away it's unreal.
How are they so far away?Their eye is on another, and you
can't stop looking straight at them.
I can't take this anymore...I seriously can't take this..
The only people who fucking talk to me anymore feel sorry
for me....and everyone else just wants something...
they always want something...
I'm tired of this feeling that makes it seem like something
stabs me in my heart everytime I have a moment to myself to

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