Christina's Online Rant
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2001-09-19 19:34:23 (UTC)

This week's events

Well, it's been a weird week in America. We got bombed,
we're getting ready to kick Afghanistan's ass, I got a
boyfriend... Zach's been a big help for all the stress, I'll
say that much. All I have to do is think about him and I
suddenly feel better about everything. He and I both have
issues right now, so I think having the mutual support there
will be good for both of us. I can't believe how incredibly
cool he is. He's SO down-to-earth about everything, and he's
not afraid to tell people how he feels, which I totally
admire. That and he's crazy about me... that helps.
As to what's pissing me off this week... well,
there's Justin. He's always telling me how much he hates me,
and then he asks me for favors and stuff (???) and if he
doesn't stop talking shit on me, I'm going to haul off and
kick him in the balls. The really bad part about that is
that since we work together AND have class together, I
can't really get away from it. He knows better than to give
Zach any shit, cuz Zach will kill him, and if I told Zach
half the stuff Justin's said... well, it'd be bad. And I
DON'T want Zach in any more trouble than he already is. I
guess we'll see what happens.
As for last Tuesday's attacks... I was scared shitless,
I don't know about you all reading this, but I find the
threat of war a little scary. Since Josh is in the Navy and
Zach just signed up to join the friggin' Marines, I could
have a very real emotional involvement if we go to war. No
matter what, it looks like we'll all have some sacrifices to
make. It's going to be a long year for America.

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