I was hiding under there....
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2003-02-02 21:31:24 (UTC)

3 Minutes and 12 Seconds

That's how long the song I'm gonna sing in the talent show
(that is, if i make it past auditions) is.

Let's think of it this way, if I make the talent show,
Great, they'll be showing the clips on Before They Were
Rock Stars. If I don't make it, as Mrs. Reaves said "The
world will be in an uproar when you're famous and they find
out you didn't make your middle school talent show!"

Anyway, today was a lazy day. I slept til 11, woke up
watched tv, got online, took a shower and now I'm sitting
here. Fun stuff.

My uncle came over to help my dad install the new shower.
Whatever they used to actually put it in, STINKS! Phew wee!

My other uncle came over to fix one of our computers. The
sound wasn't working right and the color was messed up. He
fixed the color.

I noticed, a lot of the dates are wrong on the "table of
contents". Most of the time, I write what day it is, I
think, so you should be able to tell. (today is Sunday by
the way)

Ok, I'm gonna go cuz I need to blow dry my hair. Be bak
later maybe.


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