Visions Of Life
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2001-09-19 19:24:05 (UTC)

Today.. In my World..

yeah... Nothing much going on personally in my life. I am
scared to death right now. Scared of being alone, scared of
fucking up my life again, scared that I am going to make
the wrong choices... I am weak once more.. I cant defend
myself against lifes obstacles anymore. Anyways.. part of
my fears is slowly becoming reality.. I am fucking my life
up.. I know what I want to do yet I am doing nothing about
it. I am working towards something I want to do, yet it
isnt what my heart yearns for.. Does that make sense to
anyone? I think after I finish this semester of hell then I
will quit focusing on my goal of nursing school and just
take classes I really want to take, math, english,
history.. Then, in a year or so I will hopefully know what
I want to do.. If I ever get my ass in gear then I will
work on the one true passion I have... writing.. I honestly
don't know or think I have what it takes for anyone to take
me seriously but I wont know for sure till I try... As for
my other fears.. I will just see what happens and deal with
it in my own ways.. which, by the way arent that good of

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