2001-09-19 19:07:52 (UTC)

Angry Nerd Rock

It's Wednesday, such a useless day of the week. You're
still thinking about the weekend just passed and about the
weekend that still has three days to arrive. Besides, I'm
starting my first day of work at the dollar store today.
I'm going in at six-o'clock, meaning that by the time the
store closes at nine, everyone will be awake and ready to
go out and do something, most likely hit up the diner for
an hour or two, consume five or six cups of coffee, smoke a
pack of cigarettes, and then head over to the church
parking lot with a case of Natty Ice. My nights have become
such a routine, it's starting to lose its appeal. I thought
once school started again, I'd be back on a normal sleeping
schedule and I'd feel like I actually had a reason to get
up in the morning. It's difficult to wake up before four PM
when you don't go to bed until six-thirty in the morning.
We've become a pack of nocturnal creatures, the other day
we got up early and went job-hunting and it felt so weird
to be out in the daylight. It's really something that we've
just become unaccustomed to this whole summer. Something
about the nighttime makes me feel inspired, creative. I
feel like I can accomplish anything.
I guess I'll just continue to live my life by song lyrics and
messy journals and West Ghetto beach sunsets. Actually, those things
are too meaningful. So it's off to the church parking lot tonight,
ironically enough none of us feel demoralized getting drunk in a
church parking lot. In fact, we went "clothes shopping" in the
Goodwill dumpsters where people put bags of old clothing that they
don't want anymore. Then we went for a walk in the graveyard, I
remember that the ground was covered in a layer of thick mist,
straight out of a bad horror movie. You could see the tombstones
sticking jaggedly out of the ground like broken teeth, then
occasionally there was a nice shiny new one with an angel sitting on
top, wings spread, hands clasped in prayer. Then again, maybe I'll
actually get laid tonight.

"Sometimes I can think to recite words that I read and
rewrite..." -the Get Up Kids

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