2003-02-02 20:40:45 (UTC)

My little world

Sunday, 2-2-03

Hallo :o)

Just thought I'd introduce myself, my name is Camilla.

Anyways, I'm pretty new at this stuff, no not the computer,
this diary thingy. So go easy on me okay?

I know what a diary is, that's not it. Gee...
No it's just; how personal is it supposed to be and such.
What does people usually write?
And how weird is it okay to be?

Anywho, I just thought I'd try it, see what it was like to
have a place to put all the thoughts in my head, you know?

So here goes.

Today was Sunday, and Sundays are...relaxing. I wouldn't
say boring just, slow.

I mean I keep thinking, tomorrow I go back to school and
waist another couple hours of my short life listening to a
boring man, who can't hear, and only think of Einstein.

Yep it's true, I'm yet another one of societies loser
teens, in a small 5 million-population country. Yeah, in my
city we're probably about 2-3000 people and that's the
second largest town in Denmark. I'm telling you this place
is smaller than your backyard.

Read quite a bit of "The lord of the ring" Book 3/5.
And for me, that is extreme, I mean this is a girl who
read "Donald duck" till she was 12.
Actually it bored me, but I'd rather grab an old cartoon,
than a book.
And even though it's a good book, the language is old,
and "The lord of the ring" is pretty hard to get through.
I mean he describes every little atom in the picture, and
that's a drag!

Anyways, I also wrote a German paper. I tell you it's a tough

If anyone wondered (if anyone is reading) my language is

I know, I've written a lot, but give me a break, this is my
first entry!
And it's fun! ;)

Have you ever tried to make a website? I'm making one, but
I've put it on hold for a while, cause a site who's got
just a bit more than three larger sections takes more than
a week to make. Even with an easy go program.
Why was it I wrote that again? Oh yeah, I just found out,
Pippin (Billy Boyd) has his very own website, uh can't
remember the URL, well it's not that hard to find.
It's not very big but he's got a diary section, if that
could interest anyone?!?

Now I'm thinking about it, I love that movie!!! (Lord of the ring-
The two towers) Heh...
Okay, okay, I'm not one of the fanatics. Just like to
pretend. Why? Sometimes it's better not to ask...

Well hmm, I think that'd be all.
I could go on and on forever, but I'd better stop here.

It's been fun!

Love Camilla

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