Watch me lose it...
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2003-02-02 20:33:05 (UTC)

Rhyme for my generation

Listening to : N/A
How the fuck do you do this?
Why is it so fucking smooth?
Every line rhymes
its all in time
Mixed in with beats that make you want to move

Melodies in minor keys
Lyrics come so cool they always please
Never cease to amaze
They just blaze and blaze
The beats playing over in your head for days and days
And yes they stay stuck in my head for days and days
Keep on finding new rhymes and words in so many ways
I dont give a fuck if you beat bitches and hate
motherfucking gays
I just want to know how Shadys lyrics and Dres
Can just come from nowhere?
And never go away.

Jesus its so professional
Jesus its cool
Directing bullied fucking wiggas to go shoot up their school

To stand up for yourself, to take responsibility after all
Cos after all if your not yourself you'd never be born at

Just dont fall

Stand along side with yourself
Never give up, never be stressed
Never feel useless and Never let yourself feel depressed
Theres always something alot worse
Just that sometimes its easier to express this shit through
Make a written rap, talk about violence and curse
But its the easiest way, dont worry about the fucking shit
i say
Dont worry about Shady fucking your wife
Dont give a fuck about Dre
Dont give a thought to rock and roll
Or worry about films and shit
Parents need to watch themselves and realise that they're it
They're the cause of our generation, falling to degredation
Keep leaving us in homes alone , while they go on vactation
And then to turn round and say "I dont get kids today"
Its not like things are different...its always been that way
So when I'm at your fucking door, I'm gonna shoot you dead
Its your fault that i'm doing it and your kids are sick in
the head!
But aint holding my fucking breath for respect,
You dont understand me, cos I'm not politically correct
Dont talk like you'd want me to talk
Dont say what you'd want me to say
Your kids are like me too...we dont wanna go to church and
we dont want to vote or listen to what you gotta say
You've had your time motherfucking, hand it our
Thats the deal.
So while we out robbing and stealing
You better be at home, scheme and dreaming
Of pay for what you've done
The way you left your daughter
The way you hit your son
But when all is said and done. You'll die before I will and
you'll die by the gun
Thats the deal.

Writing time : 26 minutes