The confusing epic of muh life
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2003-02-02 20:13:24 (UTC)

about muh goodnite

sry but i typed like 4 ever last nite but it didnt save but
w/e ne wayz meh and nikki ended up going 2 the mall and she
got a shirt and i got 2 frum a f and then we went and got
muh clineque eyeliner shit b cuz i ran out ne wayz after
that we went to the party and it started out reali slowe
like we juz kinda hung oiut and ate and talked and shit it
was kinda boring and we wnet and hung out outside ANDstuff
and like yea so then we ate ike cake and stuff u no the
usual but heres the part where i dont no if i made this
girl cy or juz got her mad u c we were gunna watch mr deeds
so i layed down across her couch and this kid andrews like
can u move over and im like no i was here firts and so he
sits on muh legs and i move um and i put muh legs on top of
him then chris came and sat next to him and he had muh feet
then nicole jumps ontop of muh stomach and caroline wedges
like under muh back and headand so i had muh head on her it
was surprisingly comfortable and i started tickling andrew
and so he grabbed muh hand and like he kept it the whole
movie it was cute hed like rub muh hand w/ his finger and
like squeaze muh hand but seriously it was totally innocent
like i juz treated him like i would ne other friend b cuz
muh frends r open and like the tickle w/ fingers thng is
funny and we were all doing it 2 eachotehr so it wasntlike
a huge deal but ne wayz this chick holly who really likes
andrew was really mad thgat meh and nikki were laying on
him and like i dont no if she saw him holdin muh ahnd or
not but she like left the room w/ sum 1 2 talk 2 them bout
how she was mad and the only reason i new was that brooke
told us holly was mad so i felt bad and i was like its not
a big deall its not like i like andrew b cuz i dont i juz
think of him as a friend goodness but i feel bad b cuz i
think id be mad ifthat happend 2 meh so uhhhg but ne ways
after the paty i called jen but she couldnt talk 4 long she
was on fone w/ alexc and i still think shes gone anerexic
talked 2 sam a bit online and then i was talking 2 ivan
onlinethis 16 year old that i emt through sam like 1ce and
hes like call meh so i was like sure y not and we talked 4
like and hour or 2and he told meh his life story but now i
talked 2 him 2 day and hes like call meh call meh so i dd
and hes like i cant talk im dealing w/ ross (this friend of
sams that hatesd ivan) and he was so pissed so i called bac
matt and talked 2 him but now every1 is out or at chrch or
sumfin so im all alone o and sam l was like u wanna go 2
the science center 2 marra im like ur joking ? shes like no
lol muh moms takin muh brother and kisten wants to go so im
like sure y not and so 2 marra we r off 2 the sciece cnter
lol well i better go call jen ill ttyl journal/ whoe evrs
readin this