My Mind
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2001-09-19 18:37:35 (UTC)

bad night

well barbara finally made it over to see us yesterday and
christina saw the pictures from the accident and went off
saying that my side got nothing the only difference between
melissa and me is she got a cut and i got broke the pain is
still just as bad for everyone up front regardless if she
got cut or i got broken. i hate her with a passion shes so
rude and cocky and disrespectful somehow i know shes going
to be a problem for me and i think im regretting her coming
here now we were doing good i dont want anything else to
happen. shes a mom and an adult she needs to start acting
like one shes selfish and doesnt give a damn about anyone
but herself she even treats her kid like crap. well things
have changed since we were kids she doesnt want to fuck me
over because she will get fucked twice as bad i dont take
shit from no one anymore i have a family to protect and if
she even considers fucking with them she will regret the
very second she thought of it. i dont like her and i never
have she did a lot of bad things to me in the past and if
she thinks of doing them again she wont get away with it
the little witch will learn real quick you dont want to
fuck with me not after everything ive been through. --end--

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