Euphoric Nothingness
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2003-02-02 19:32:05 (UTC)

Turbulance and Stability

You know, I have heard some interesting comments so far
about this whole "journal of my thoughts" thing. I have
heard "interesting", "entertaining", and "enlightening".
It's good to know that my thoughts give those responses and
that people actually enjoy what I have to say.

Well anyways it has been an interesting couple of days. On
Friday, I had my first Stat III test. I was half way done
when I saw that I had only 15 minutes left. I don't think
I have ever done Statistics that fast in my whole life (as
a reference, I am used to having 75 minutes for a
statistics test instead of 50). When I left there, I
honestly felt like crap. It sucked. However, I started
looking at my book and reviewing things and realized that I
may have not done as bad as i orogonally thought. And the
more I think about it, the more I feel like everything is
gonna be ok. So I believe I survived and feel confident
that I may have gotten a B. But my friends, that was a
hard test.

Speaking of school, I haven't had as good a semester as I
did in the Fall. I am determined and focused, but things
just haven't been working out so far. I am frustrated, and
I am constantly trying to find a solution. I mean, I do
all the assigned reading and homework and essays, but I
still end up coming up short so far. I am starting to feel
a bit overwhelmed and that is not a good thing. However, I
have 2 tests this Friday and I am gonna work hard, study a
lot, and be in there and kick some ass!!! I think
everything will fall into place once I have a good test and
get my confidence back.

With school stressing me out, me and the dorm kids from
last year went downtown. At first we went to Independent
Bar. It was all Old School and 80s and it was great.
However, the people I was with weren't enjoying it as much
as I was so we ventured into Cairo. Despite the guy to
girl ratio not being in my favor, it was a great time. I
love hanging out with the old gang and we don't get to do
it much anymore. A great time was had by all and I got
some stress out and was able to relax.

However, on Saturday was very sad with the Columbia. I
remember when I was in preschool and kindergarden, I lived
in Titusville and I got to watch the shuttle go off all the
time from my backyard. I even got to see the Columbia
blast off into space at the Space Center when I was 5. It
was a sad day that sent shock and sadness throughout my
body. It's one of those things that you'll remember where
you were when you heard about it or when it happened.

You know, it is a fascinating time to be living. I mean in
our lifetime so much history has happened. The Soviet
Union collapsed, the Berlin Wall fell, technology and
information has flourished, we saw the beginning of what I
think will turn into World War III (9-11), and all of the
scientific marvels of the past 20 years (planets outside
the solar system, medicines, etc.). I just hope that I can
turn my life into something that I will be to significantly
contribute to this world. Maybe I'll even go down in
history and people will be able to read about me (haha)!

Well I think that is all i have to write for today. I have
to be at work in 90 minutes and I need to work on some
homework for Nonparametric Statistics. I hope that you
enjoyed my insight and comments (good or bad) are always
welcome (even when an away message is up). Have a good one
kids and I will try to write another commentary either
after work tonight or tomorrow.

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