Diary of VERGE
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2003-02-02 18:52:02 (UTC)

I suppose...

I suppose, now that I have reviewed some fellow diary-
authors entries, I should have introduced myself before
proceeding to write the first entry. Well then, Hello. I am
VERGE. I am currently a 14 year old female (at 14 I don't
know if I would be a girl or a woman or what) and attending
my freshman year at Linganore High School (I never know if
highschool is one word or what). I live amidst the rolling
hills of wheat, cows, rednecks, and psychopaths that make
up my part of Maryland. My school rocks and I love it
because there is no such thing as popularity. Everyone
hates the cheerleaders (with good reason) and our football
team won the Maryland state championships this year. I am a
football fan but not to the max. You could call me a
thespian, and artiste, whatever. I like to travel, I have
unusual friends, none of which are wiggers (that type is
plentiful here, I am disgusted to say) but I do have a wide
assortment of people I like to call my "posse". This group
consists of geeks, computer nerds, punks, rockers, neons,
vintage chicks, lacrosse players, dancers, skaters,
thespians and chorus members, the posh girls, some punks,
and basically, all the "weird" people that are not
cheerleaders nor would ever in their right mind want to be.
My school is stately-known as "Slingawhore" because the
majority of the population are sluts, wiggers, and
druggies. Pretty sad, and with the extra knowledge that we
are all white, very pathetic. Nearly all of my friends have
nicknames, so if you see me use a strange word, it is a
nickname. For example; I am VERGE, Tracy is Turce, Katie is
Kurt, Britto is Bert, my Government teacher is Big Bad
Brown a.k.a. BBB. I do not tolerate stupid abbreviations
that are so very popular with our youth today such as "lol"
or "lyl" and "ttyl". The list goes on, but I will not. I
figure if you know English, use it. Speaking of English, I
know some French as I have two language credits in it.
Also, I am a dancer and my teacher is certified so I get
highschool credits for dance classes as well, which is VERY
handy indeed. I write poetry and do other things but my
favorite pastime is making movies with Turce and/or others.
These movies include "Real World: Barbie Edition", "The
Quivering Thigh, and aerobics video with Tracy Tightcheeks
and VERGE Musclemonster", "Hungarian Idol", A Foo Fighters
Video, "The Christmas Sock", "Grand Masta Blasta", and a
Scholastic movie studying the habits of a young swan, an
elephant, and a panther. All of them are high-quality
entertainment complete with set and costume. Speaking of
entertainment, the only music genres I enjoy are rock,
classic rock, funk, techno, emo, reggae, disco, grunge, and
ska. Everything else sucks. Do not argue. Well now you have
a pretty clear idea of how strange I am indeed. Do write
back as I am ever-so-bored on sundays. Well I must be off,
it's nearly two and Comedy Central's Stand-Up Showdown is
about to start. Now THAT'S quality entertainment. I love
Dane Cook, he's a good comedian. Looking forward to