Wandering Through Geekdom
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2001-02-20 21:40:04 (UTC)

*Random Thoughts* I need to..

*Random Thoughts*

I need to start planning my dedication ceremony. For Wicca.
It was a year and a day the 11th, and that was 9 days ago.
And I need to start buying seeds or bulbs maybe for my
garden. yes im gonna hsave a garden this year- finally.
flowers and zuccini. Yum.
I wanna kiss steve.
gotta keep writing... i have dreams about lestat a lot.
lestat is the main character in most of ann rice's vampire
chronicles. hes great. hes my dream love.
i have two guinea pigs names Zoe and Zeke. Zoe's pregnant
Kristins a hottie....
i really gotta get around to doing that take-home test, and
cleaning my room. its gross. and why do i have to take a
test over vacation? this should be our time off. Oh well...
Im talking to james on IM. hes this 18-year-old from
Seattle, Washington. Hes kinda a geek. ok hes really a
geek. but es awesome. to be honest, i'd screw him. hes not
cute or anything, but hes really smart and i find that more
appealing than a nice body or good looks. steve is proof of
that. hes adorable, face-wise, but hes...shall we say...
chubby. oh well..
Thats all. buhbye