the life of an opressed punk
2003-02-02 17:53:49 (UTC)

last thursday....

well 2day has been a day from hell! ok ryan and heather
were in a fight and they wrote each other a note and ale
had it and mrs mcarthy stole it and put it in her grade
book.. so i went in her grade book and stole it back...
that was just the beginning today is mine and partick 1
month anniversary and he hasnt called me.. i didnt start in
my basketball game for only god knows why and i almost got
suspended cuz of mcarthy so how are you???? FUck i h8 life
life is a bitch i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
pissed off!!!!! i cant stand this mother fucking school!
were going 2 the ren. festival 2morro o and for all who
dont kno 8a got a speech on how nobody likes chealsea and
she feels left out and i felt bad cuz she was looking
directly at me!!!!!!! FUCK!!! i h8 this goddammned school.
and i had a detention so fuck! i got care bear valentines
on the brightter side so i am happy in a way but i have 2
go cry my fucking eyes out i will talk 2 u all later