the life of an opressed punk
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2003-02-02 17:53:19 (UTC)

awhile ago...

yay i missed school 2day that was my missoin the only
reason i did it is because i dont wanna fucking go 2 bball
parctice. omg i went 2 the h club 2day 2 pick something up
and i saw all of my friends who work there like JJ but i
didnt see miles!!!!!! no he was taking a cpr class wich is
good so now i can pass out and he can kiss me ****HEHE****
lol well omg i talked 2 wade 2day were both goin 2 boca
high *yay* thats kool we talked about how we h8 wiggers.
and my mom ccalled me racist and i was like im not racist i
h8 every1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahah LMAO LMAO *hehe* i
thought that was sooooo fucking funny! lol well every1 is
home from school so i think i might go call patrick now OOO
im going 2 the ballet 2night kool huh? yea it is well g2g
leave me a note k?? KKK!!! yay
xoxo 143 LUV YAH ALL specially patrick