my simple small world
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2003-02-02 16:23:03 (UTC)

is it worth it let me work it I throw my thang down flip it and reverse it

that damn missy elliot song is in my head.
I must say, it does have beat..though it's not like most of
the musick I listen to.And it's so's catchy.
My fetish with Pinhead (from hellraiser) has been woken up
again.I honestly think Pinhead is striaght up erotic and I
find him to be attractive in more ways then one.When he
turns human, he's nothing to look at...but with the pale
face, the vinyl outfit, the eggressive look, and the pins...
my goodness.
I think the concept in the movies how him and the others
put people through a tremendous amount of pain AND MAKE
THEM ENJOY really really really really really
really really really sexy.
I used to watch the hellraiser movies all the time and when
pinhead came on I'd almost be drolling and be like "OH
DAMN".My mom would always ask me, "How can he be so
attractive, if you kissed him you'd poke an eye out?"
What would I do if pinhead stood before me and waited for
me to make a move?Well, lots of things.And I'm not the type
of person that goes into detail with these kinds of things
since I just can't talk like that...but it would involve,
slits and blood and pain and torment and tongues and yeah..
It would just be alot of fun.
I need to start thinking about something else.I'm getting
alittle on the weird side and I have to go to work in 56
Um, oh yeah, last nite I went to the mall to buy this
spongebob watch..(I have to get a watch to time
contractions for when I go into labor 2 months from now, so
I thought what the hell might as well get one I enjoy.-it's
really cool, it has at thick leather strap kind of like
the "trendy punk" kind of bracelet would be and there is
this detailed spongebob backround on the watch itself.Not
that I normally like the "trendy punk" look, but it was
spongebob! Not to mention on clearence)And I also got the
basement jax single "where's your head at" on vinyl.
(camelot doesn't have any of their music so I had to resort
to vinyl)I'm planning on hooking the record/atrack player
up today since once again my brother abandoned it.
But anyways, I was walking around by myself and ran into
Umstead...And I was getting alittle on the bored side so I
walked around with her and talked to her for awhile.She was
with her boyfriend thing Jake and some guy named Stevo.Now
I had heard alot about stevo (I couldn't recall anything)
but everyone always talks about stevo.We went to the waffle
house to look for travis (actually they did I just went
along) and travis wasn't there so we stood outside waffle
house.I looked at the waffle house sign and started making
words out of it to pass the time.When they had asked, I
told them what I was doing and started doing the same thing.
After awhile stevo took umstead aside to talk to her..and I
thought "oh fuck, private conference, that always means
someone likes someone else but they're to shy to say to the
person they like.but no, I'm pregnant that's not it, so it
must be about drugs or something"...the walked back staring
at me...Umstead took me aside, my first suspicion had been
proven.I was just like what the fuck I'm 7 months prego.
But I didn't act like an asshole toward stevo, luckily my
mom called me just then telling me to get my ass home.So I
I seriously love Alan....Stevo wasn't bad looking and he
didn't have a shitty personality but I love Alan.
Alan somewhat haunts me though..last nite I went in
spencers and there was this glowing blue light thing on
clearence...when I met Alan for the first time, he had been
playing with one of those.And the second I saw it laying on
the shelf limp and lifeless, I just remembered that whole
nite.It wasn't all that spictaculer or anything, it was
just the first time I ever got to talk to him.And then at
school I started to say hi to him and would ask him if he
remembered my name.When I told him my name the first time
one of the first things he said was "Alli, that's pretty
close to Alan" or something like that.
I just remembered something, I once heard that your soul
mate has the same size hand as you.(whether it be true or
not), Alan's hand and my hand are the same size.
Ehhhh, I need to stop, I'm 7 months pregnant for christ
sake.My stomach keeps getting bigger, and I made the
mistake of butchering my hair about a month ago, so I just
need to calm down with the whole Alan senario.At least for
now.Not to mention he threw himself in isolation..
How do you throw your emotions on the back burner for a
later date?

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