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2003-02-02 16:11:07 (UTC)


Hmm... Well last night, the guys had an away basketball
game up in Highland (like 3hours away!) and they got back
around 12. My ex-boyfriend Casey called me on the phone
when he got back and he told me that the guy I'm talking
with was gonna call me because they were talkin' about me
on the bus.. Which I didn't really like in the first
place. But yeah, while I was on the phone with Casey, my
other phone rang, and I answered it and it was Randall *the
other guy* and he was pissed at me cause he found out that
Casey and I had sorda fooled around n stuff but he didn't
really know that I had told Casey 'no' the whole time, but
he just wouldn't stop until I was like, "I like Randall.."
and he got really pissed and told me to burn in hell, yadda
yadda. But I thought Casey and I were fine now until he
went and told Randall everything. Randall was sooo pissed
because he was all like "I thought I could trust you,"
and "You know how people always screw me over like that."
He didn't even want me to talk to him in school anymore, or
to even look at him. It was really suck ass but then he
called my friend Melissa and she calmed him down *thank
god* and he called me back and now we're fine... Which I
think I am going to rub in Casey's face cause I think that
he really wanted us to stop talking. He can be a little
shit. But yeah now I'm in a better mood, I was pretty
scared last night cause I didn't want Randall to be mad and
stuff. Its all good now though... I think.