Restless Comet Diary
2003-02-02 15:45:18 (UTC)

Step by Step

Um.....the english test?YUCK!!!!!It was even harder than
I ever imagined...actually I solved any single point of it
but I have no idea if it is correct haha..I'll find out
when I get the results.
Actually my mom is leaving even sooner that I
thought.Today she went to Bucharest to take the invitatuion
the greek sent for her.It's her business anyway.....I guess
I've no right to say anything.My grandma is about to get
cuckoo...I have no idea how am I gonna stay with
her...Maybe I'll just leave my home early in the morning
and I'll get back late in the morning just for sleeping.I
don't know........My aunt said she is going to adopt me so
I'm gonna leave to Canada this summer or at the end of the
summer.Honestly ,I'm kind of looking forwrd to it.This
place is filled with evil and envious people.........We are
not civilised.Even Sean said that.Talking about Sean,he is
coming to my place next week-end for some romanian language
lesson.His romanian sounds really funny haha....that's ok
now he has me as a teacher he will be a
fluently romanian speaker....o.O where is my modesty?
I'm pretty sleepy now..I got up so early....and I didnt
really sleep well...but after I leave this place I will go
home and get a pound of my favourite biscuits(YUMMM) and
I'll take a bath and then I'll read something or just go
to sleep...Tomorrow I have to go to school and do my
homeworks and maybe I'll go to the library and look for
some new interesting books.Oh by the way today I talked to
my old friend Kit(remember?) and he was doing fine,just
working a lot lately....
He lives in the other emisphere so there is summer in
New Zealand...that must be really cool....(just saying,I
don't like summer so's too hot).And besides,he
lives to the ocean.I like the ocean and the sea in a
particular way.I mean I'm not really talking about going
swimming wearing a swimming suit(I look terrible in
swimming suits).......just having soft light clothes and
taking walks on the beach......and watching the
sunset.....this is really cool..
I'm really ok now..thinking of all these things
hehe...something changed and I don't know what
exactly....strange but maybe I'll find out some other
See you....hehe...