BlAcK hEaRt BlAcK nAiLs

My TrIp To HeLl AnD bAcK
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2003-02-02 15:41:00 (UTC)

hermaphedites, drugs, drinking, perves

Zack, TJ, Danny-B, and Leah all slept over last night.
we're cleaning up the house for when my mom gets home in a
few minutes lol. wow.. last night was interesting.
everyone got really drunk and stoned exept leah.. and i
didnt get drunk. and i didnt get really high.. but i WAS
REALLY HORNEY AND TIRED LOL.. ok ha ha. well.. when tj was
tryign to light the bowl he set his eyebrow on fire ha ha.
so dannyb tried to tweeze the other one so it would look
ok.. but he didnt like the feeling.. so she shaved it lol.
while they were fucked up. ha ha.. it looks pretty bad.
then when me and leah went to sleep.. they set almost
every part of tj on fire. ha ha. they even set his bare
ass on fire. then they shaved his.................. down
there. with my razor ha ha. now we're trying to find a
place that will deliver pancakes to us. lol. lol.. i was
just inforemed that dannyb fell down the stairs last
night. i didnt even know lol. lol..i also found out that i
can smoke or drink w/ my dad and he wont give a shit.
lololololol... and i also found out that my dad hits on my
friends. lol.. he also called me and leah hermaphedites,
and told leah to show that she isnt. ewe.. nasty. and leah
got mad at me and dannyb for saying that she looks hott
when she dresses up as a guy. lol.. god i have a fucked up

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