Watch me lose it...
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2003-02-02 14:08:58 (UTC)

Black Sunday

Listening to : Dr Dre - Whats the difference?

Back to work tommorrow. Its been nice having three days anger. Not looking forward to the test thing in
college on tuesday. Just want my 40% but fear I cant get it
on this one. Thats hanging over me now :( And I feel bad
about it. Might write some rhyme to make me feel better.

Still havent spoken to Tawny and messaged River last night
only to get "Dear Rob..River isnt here, this is her mother,
shes with james."
That freaks me out. What has River said about me? Has her
mother sat there and read everything? Was it just River
taking the piss? What kind of mother lets their 15 year old
daughter be out with a guy at 1am? Lets them go out with a
guy whos 45 years old when shes just 13? Its not right. I
like talking to River, i just get the feeling there are
other people I'd be better off spending my time with. I
attract odd people. :( Like some kind of odd person magnet.
Hey, you could use me to check to see if you could recycle
your odd person!
Still waiting for redhat 8 for my PC. Martin must have
Been working on photos, mostly of me :(. I'm thinking of
making a site about me again. But then...dunno. Its effort.
I'd want something exceptionally artisitc and complex and
dark. More than what I've done before. Also, I'm not that
interesting...maybe not a good idea. Its just something to
do to waste time.
Anyway, we're on the edge of world war so thats cool.

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