Wandering Through Geekdom
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2001-02-20 21:28:27 (UTC)

*Perhaps My Hormones are..

*Perhaps My Hormones are Getting a Little Out Of Hand*

Last night, I started thinking about how I won't go out
with anyone I can't picture myself kissing. which got me
thinking about kissing the people I like. And I'm really
good with imagining things, but doesn't it still seem
strange that even just thinking about kissing Steve starts
my heart pounding? Well anywho... this morning I had a
dream and I only remember the end of it, which was about
kissing Steve. :::sigh:::
I went bowling today with Elaine and her family. Then we
went out to lunch and then to the mall. I saw Kristin
there; she's SUCH a HOTTIE.
Do you ever see someone and know instantly that you want to
meet them, to get to know them? There was an absolutely
beautiful guy with red hair. He gave me the chills, really.
Too bad Elaine's mom was there; otherwise I'd have talked
to him. He was about 6'1", with short spiky red hair and
green eyes and light skin, no freckles, wearing a black t-
shirt and big jeans. Delicious.