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2003-02-02 14:05:38 (UTC)

Not On Ya Nelly

What the fuck?? is all I can say. Actually because I write
my own crappy songs I sometimes feel I shouldn't bag other
songs. But also because I write my own crappy songs I feel
I can bag other crappy songs. Specially when they are
actually professional performers. Well to a degree. A few
songs of late I have taken notice of. One song that has
taken a big notice is "Ching Ching" Ms Jade. I don't even
know what ching ching is let alone the bling bling part??
I'm guessing in the song it might mean money??..Who can
tell. It actually makes me laugh, because it's like "are
you serious?" Just write a song with a lot of ching and
bling and blah. Throw in some other well known singers and
you got yourself a I guess...

"...What about my ching ching ching
What about my bling bling bling
What about the money that I spent up today
What about his ching ching ching
What about his bling bling bling
What about his money that I spent up today..."

Then Nelly Furtado does a little guest sing song and I like
Nelly, but woah. I think they told her to wear a clothes
peg on her nose to further make her voice sound whinier.
Where her voice is interesting and different this song
makes it ummmm hard to understand what the heck she is even
saying. All I can say to that song is..What about my bling
bling ching ching ears???

Then there's good ol Missy Elliot. I like some of her music
too. Then she does "Work It" and her lyrics don't fair much
better in the understanding what the heck she is on about
factor. Well I correct myself. Some stand out like elephant

"If you got a big [insert elephant noise], let me search it
To find out how hard I gotta work ya.."

"..Love the way my ass bump bump bump bump bump bump
Keep your eyes on my bump bump bump bump bump
And think you can handle this ga-dunk ga-dunk dunk
Take my thong off and my ass go boom
Cut the lights off so you see what I can do.."

I just realised I sound like I am writing a music bloody
freakin review, which I'm not. lol..I have just been
thinking What the?? for a very long time on these songs
since I heard them. And wanted to keep a record of them, so
when I feel I am failing outright with my own song writing
I can safely refer to these and not feel so bad.

But just when I thought those 2 songs were scary enough
Danni Minogue has just gone out there and done her own.
Cept there is no issue with understanding the lyrics here.

"Instead of just lying there,
Why don't you show me that you're powerful,
Put in triple X batteries just so you give me something
Change it up fast and slow
Till I find the frequency I like.
Love it when you do my vibe on
Good vibrations, that's what gets my ride on, gotta have
Jump on to it, sit right on it, plug it in, give me my vibe
on, gotta have vibrations.
I don't want to put you down, looks like I'm a vibraholic

Ode to a Vibby. Just fantasticccccc Danni. That might just
go offff...Makes ya wonder what she was on other than her
vib..Prolly Energiser will now use the music as part of
their ad scary.

*continues to write crappy songs*

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