The void
2003-02-02 13:53:45 (UTC)

Forward to the present

ok i have no idea why i called this entry forward to the
present.a wierd moment i guess.
well, this weekend has been one of the most boring ever. i
haven't even stepped out of my front (or back) door!been
stuck inside for two whole days!ironing!
going to put some black material over my shelves later,to
cover up the ugly looking college folders.interesting topic
of conversation there vicky.
coral just asked me how my love life god i never
realised just how pathetic i one is interested in me.
well no one half decent anyway. i don't even know for a
fact that the few ugly people like me, just things my
friends have said.don't know for certain.
looks like i'm going to be single for a long time
now.better prepare.ooohhhh noooo it's fucking valentines
day soon!will have to arrange a singletons club outing to
pizza hut as usual.heh let me see:
uncle sam
tina ghetto manina
hmmm don't know about anyone else.s'pose we could invite
debbo caseyma and gemmanut hazel and hazel nut gemma. doubt
they'll come though.oh well.
got I.T key skills tomorrow morning another opportunity to
break the college computers i suppose.i better get my
assignment done actually, maybe then if i finish before
everyone else i can actually ASK to check my mail instead
of just doing it anyway!
i'm rambling on about a load of pants aren't i?
oh, mother said my scan will have to be put off untill the
next outburst of the womans curse (if ya get ma drift)
because she can't get the day off. i don;t even see why i
have to go anyway, my hairs fine.i guess my tiredness is
bothering me a bit, making me even more depressed. but
still i could get some pills to help with that. i fucking
hate hospitals, all those sick people eurgh.i just want to
forget the whole thing and move on but i can't because
there's always the risk of my hair falling out again.i
guess dying it all the time doesn't help but why should i
put off things i want to do just becuase of that? it's so
frustrating!all they are going to do is make me into some
hormone junkie or something and i don't want that!maybe
they could put me on the pill. i hear that makes your tits
bigger...hmm..yeah the pill.just told mother that i smell
things that aren't there. and that i see things that aren't
there. she totally disregarded the whole thing. supprise
supprise.well i better be off.i have some extremely
interesting fun things to be doing today..i fucking wish!