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2003-02-02 13:43:20 (UTC)

We're Freaks

Well lets see last nite I went to the Movies with my baby
dennis and my freind Casie! it kinda sux cuz we couldn't do
any thing cuz my parents were there. But we found ways...
lol. We we like go out of the movie to get food, or go to
the b-room. and then like on the way back in we would start
makin out. I had a really good time. cuz he doesn't really
like my freinds. But he got along with casie. Cuz the thing
is u gotta understand about me and dennis. We have serious
problems. Basically we're freaks. We're always coming up
ways to link stuff to aliens. and we think we're
superheros. and like yea.. I think you get the point. Like
I'm the kinda person that doesn't care wut people think
about me. If I wanna be weird and like wear a cape to the
mall. and tell people I'm batman. I'll do it. I used to
try and impress people. and like I was all popular and
stuff. and I didn't like it cuz when ur popular, sometimes
people think ur... snobby. and i'm not at all. Like I'll
hang out with n e one. i don't care if there not popular or
w/e.. I mean it doesn't matter to me, if ur interesting,
and ur nice to me I'll be nice to you. So I kinda got sick
of puttin an act on, so i just started actin myself. and
for some damn reason.. it made me even more popular.. but
as long as people know i'm not snobby, and I can act myself
its all goood. But back to the point. Dennis actually
thinks casie is cool. Becasue like the whole movie, we were
all just laughing. I don't even know wut the heck it was
about.. all i remember is there were like huge trees
talking. But there were puttin sour patch candy in my ears
and my nose. and when I wasn't looking dennis would take
the straw from his drink, and get whipped cream on it and
put it on my forehead. and casie would put candy in my
drink. It was alot of fun.. and I'm not even gonna think
about how many times casie dropped her retainer on the
ground, and was crawling around lookin for it. Or how many
times she ran into a trash can, and went into the wrong
theater. But overall it was awesome.. O yea.. and dennis
gave me his spiderman bracelet.. whoo hoo!!! ok g.t.g. to
church I'll finish later.

: : Kelly : :

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