My Diary
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2003-02-02 10:34:29 (UTC)

my points n veiws i guess : shrugs :

holy fucking shit.. i just noticed somethin, we have so
many shit talkers out there on the net and all they know
how to do is this every single day:
1. wake up
2. scratch nuts ( pluck hairs if girl )
3. turn on comp
4. sniff pit hair while waiting for comp to load
5. sign online when comp loads
6. IM/PM somebody and start talkin shit
7. shit in their holey pants
8. go to bed
9. repeat process.

number 1 person i say that is is Jay that lives up in
indiana, whats funny is that he dont know this, but im
literally gonna be up there soon, so hes gonna have a nice
surprise =) anywhoo, to those ppl who talk shit, thanks for
the entertainment, i mean come on, if it wouldnt of been
without you guys, then the internet would of pulled the
plug a long time ago, i honestly applaude ya'll for comin
on here talkin shit n stuff.. now, if it was me talkin
shit, then i'd hop on my knighthawk motorcycle, ride right
down to where-ever you live, call ya a fat peice of trailer
park trash to your face, then wait for ya to hit me or
somethin. but hey man, thats just me, anyways, yea.. if ur
gonna talk shit, then hey do me a favor, grab some toilet
people and wipe your mouth off when your done, cause mose
of the shit talkers do tend to have brown stuff on their
mouths when theyre talkin shit : cough Jay cough cough : so
yea, oh yeah, and if ur gonna challenge somebody to a
fight, dont be a pansy and say " i only fight here" cause
ya know, that just proves your a pussy, what ur gonna do is
call ur friends tell em about ya gettin ur ass kicked n
stuff, but hell, if ur gonna say ur gonna kick somebodys
ass, then fuckin do it, dont be such a pussy by sayin " im
gonna kick ur ass..... oh yeah i only fight here " cause
man, that is such bs, i say if ur gonna say somethin like
that, then u are by far the biggest coward ever, and ya
know somethin? im sure damn near everybody that reads this
agrees to it.. oh yea, if this is offendin ya : cough jay
cough cough : grow up or actually do somethin about it
instead of havin ur thumb up ur ass sayin " dur im gonna
kick your ass " or " duh he said this and that about me so
im gonna bitch bitch bitch " cause nobody honestly cares ya
know what im sayin? anywayz, peace out my ppl, until next
time... this has been brought to u by

RaVeNs NeW WoRlD OrDeR