It's my life and I'll say and do
2001-09-19 14:07:03 (UTC)


Okay, so I am a bit new to this, but I thought that I would
give it a try. Sometimes one just needs to ramble on about
things and place it where others can read about my life. I
know a couple of people who use these online diarys. I
don't know if I am going to keep this up or if it is just a
one time deal. I know I am just going on about setting
this up, so I think I will now go on to something that is a
little more interesting.
I'm going to start off with a little bit about myself. I
am a 21 year old senior at Virginia Tech. I better tell
you what my major is because in the future I will probably
be complaining about my classes quite a bit. I'm a
wildlife science major. And unlike what you may be
thinking we are not in the woods all day playing with cute
and furry animals. It is alot of hard work, but I love
doing it. Right now I decided to start this diary and take
a break from writing up a response and summary to an
article I just read.
I know this is all so boring right now, but I did want to
give you a chance to get to know what goes on in my life.
In the future this will get more intersting, I promise.
Well, I guess I had better get back to the work that needs
to be done...maybe I will continue this later.
Time for more writing. It's been a long day and I will be going to
bed soon, but I have some things that I want to say. Why is it that
sometimes the one that you love doesn't mean to hurt you, but it
still bothers you when they don't want you around. Tonight my
boyfriend wanted some space due to stress, but I wanted to be with
him. I was in the mood for company, but I know he wasn't, but I
wanted the company. Being with him makes me very happy and I know
that he loves me as I love him. I just wanted to have some quality
time tonight, but that was not what he wanted. So in the end I was
the one that lost. It just hurts that I was the one that was put
aside. I know that he has needs, but so do I. I guess I shouldn't
worry about it too much tho. He wants to see me tomorrow, so I am
happy about that.
The rest of my day was fine. I got all the homework done, and
because of the rain band was even let out early. I love band, but it
was really nice being able to leave around 40 minutes early.
I don't really have anything else on my mind right I am
tired so I think I am going to head off to dreamland now. Good-night.