Depths of an Adolescent's Mind
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2003-02-02 08:06:27 (UTC)


Eh, I'll write about it later...

Just kidding:).

I am so overwhelmed about the amount of homework I
have...what was my English teacher thinking?! I mean, two
projects due in the same week, and one due next week!
Meanwhile, my history teacher is assigning a project
(writing to our Congressman). And then there's my math
teacher, who assigns homework everyday except for test days.
And there's also my science teacher, who...okay, well, she's
not that bad. She doesn't assign that much homework.

Well, now that I'm done ranting about homework, I'll start
ranting about guys:).

Darn wishywashy-ness. Don't ask.

At the moment, I like this one guy. (Descriptive, huh?) I've
liked him for...about a week now. I've been wondering if I
should be honest with him. To tell the truth, or not to tell
the truth...that is the question.

Darn cool Shakespearean sayings.

I'm done ranting...for now. Leave a message if you want.