Kitten's deams
2003-02-02 07:58:16 (UTC)

Letter I would have written

This is the letter I would have written him, or at least a
note I want him to get one day.

Dear Nature Boy,
I knoe that you dont' love me, but I need to let you
know. You made me happy. I would wait for you and I
would shine when I heard your voice on the phone. You
asked me to marry you. I went to bed tha tnight the
happiest girl in the entire world, because I had the man
of my dreams ask me to be his wife. I was tired and I
know that I didn't respond right, but I knew in my heart
that you had ment it and I knew how I would respond if I
were ever asked again. I was so happy and I felt so
loved. I would go through all that hurt a hundred times,
if only to feel that love and that happieness that I felt
when I put my head on my pillow that night. I have that
moment in my heart, the heart witch you still hold. It
was worth it, every tear I'm crying, everytime that hurt
comes to me. It's worth it for that one moment. I still
love you and I wish I could change your heart. I'm still
your kitten, wich is why I call myself that in this
diary. I dream of a life with you. When you left ther
ewas no closure. I'm still mourning this loss in my
life. I got over every other guy in a matter of a week or
two. It's been a month and half, why aren't you gone
yet? Why does your smile come to me at night? Why can I
feel your hands? Why am I crying? Why don't you love
me? Why will you no longer accept me as

your kitten?