Kitten's deams
2003-02-02 07:46:53 (UTC)

Advice needed Please Read

So He wrote, Very impersonal might I add. You would never
guess that two months ago I was geting letters from him
saying that he loved me and he wanted to be with me. I
put his letter and my response. Someone please read it
and tell me if I sound bitter or depressed!! Please!!!
No, he did not call me kitten or refer to himself as
nature boy. I just do that fot this diary.

Hi Kitten,

I heard you called. Sorry I haven't had a chance to call
back. I think my mom told you that I am working at Family
Video now. Which is very cool. I work a ton too! My
minimum is 20 hours a week. I'm scheduled for about 30
hours per week.

Other than that, school still sucks. I don't think that
will ever change. We had finals last week, damn near
killed me I tell ya. Those things suck, and I only had
four of them.

How has it been going on your end? My mom said you were
doing a play. Which was it? And what are you doing in it?
How had school been? How is the family?

I'm really tired after all this school crap and work so
I'll talk to you later,
Natre Boy

Hey Nature Boy,
I don't really know what to say. Umm... First of all
I have to say I was thoroughly shocked when I received
your e-mail. You were almost the last person in the world
I expected to hear from. The last person in the world I
expect to hear from is Matt Damon, or some dude named
Hunter from Alabama. But that would be because Matt Damon
doesn't know me, and I don't know anybody in Alabama named
Congrats on the job. I'm still looking. It sounds
like you’re really busy with work. Will you still be
working that long after inventory is over? Do you like
your job at all? I hope so, since you are spending so
much time there.
You're lucky to only have four finals. I know people
who had eight. I only had six myself. I am finally in
the place I swore I'd never go, study hall. I did well on
all of my finals except for calculus. I'm quite sure I
won't be taking the AP exam. You don't know about my
project, do you? It happened the Friday after I got stuck
in an elevator in Chicago. You remember right? OK, so I
avoid certain things. I'm doing my very best to stay
neutral, I want you to keep talking to me. Ok, anyways!
Ashley and I were working on this really big project
for history. We videotaped it. I can direct things
pretty well, but she said that we were going to edit it
and narrirate over the footage. The she had been sick a
lot so we didn't do anything for it till the week before
Christmas break, it was due that Friday. So that entire
week we worked really hard and she was trying to work with
brand new editing equipment. Something she had neglected
to mention to me. She didn't turn up to School the day it
was due. I went from low B to a high D. Mom got really
mad at me. This is why I never work with partners!!!
Yeah, bad.
Salsa lessons started back up. The Sunday before New
Years Eve I went shopping in St. Louis. I found the
cutest dress. I think it was only $10. But I wore it for
the turning of the year. Along with high shoes and went
salsa Dancing with Adam and Valerie. We saw Daniel and
some of the collage crew, along with Sarah and some of the
high school crew. Then I saw my salsa teacher and his
cousins. So I had some fun. Of course Adam didn’t dance
till the last song, by that time he was so tired that he
didn’t care that I dragged him onto the dance floor. He
did really well too.
I got to go to therapy on Thursday. Hurray…. Ok
maybe….no! Yuck! Therapists are the only people who can
make you cry and pick on your feelings and you can’t sue
them, you can only fire them, which isn’t going to happen
anytime soon. She scheduled me for another appointment,
because I walked out on her and my mother towards the end
of the last one. I don’t like being ganged up on or
having hurts brought up.
Valerie and I have been spending a lot more time
together. She has been coming to Zoe more and I know that
her heart wants to believe everything that she hears, she
just has all these doubts in her mind. I hope she becomes
a Christian soon. I’ve also been spending more time with
A***. He comes over every week to watch Smallville.
Gotta love Clark Kent! Let’s see… who else have I been
spending time with? Oh! J****, how could I forget him?
Nice boy. His mother told us to get together so we did.
We hit it right off. Neither one of us wants anything
serious with each other, and we understand that we are
using each other to a certain extent for companionship, in
a good way, of course. I think that everybody uses
everybody. It’s just the way things are. That sounds
bad. But we can talk for hours on the phone. Wow… oh
wait, I can do that with anyone. Been doing a lot of that
with Ian lately. We’re both a little lonely, only neither
of us actually says so. Sorry to hit a down note there.
Everybody is fine over here for the most part.
I’ve been a lot more stressed, but I guess that’s normal.
I’ve been a little depressed for the last month. The
Christmas season was really hard. I’m very worried about
A*****. She’s stopped coming to school. J***** Quit and
that means that she had to leave the explorer post. A***'s
been depressed, so that means that he’s talking to me
about it, or not at all. L****’s depressed, Step Mom's
depressed, Dad is always having something bad happen, Mom
likes to aggravate everybody, J**** insists on being
difficult and telling me that I’m acting in a self
destructive habit, V****** isn’t saved yet, S** said he
has been in love with me for the last two and a half years
and he wants to get a chance with me, and of course I’m
the bad guy because I love him, and want to be his friend,
but he doesn’t want to settle for that anymore, and, to
top it all off, Catwoman loves Batman, but nobody knows
what happens to them.
Yeah life is pretty normal. Ok you hung
yourself! You signed your letter with talk to you later,
and I want to tell you my news on the phone, so I’m going
to ask you to call. I’m going to Zoe tomorrow, so I won’t
be home till about nine. I love all my friends to death,
but I think you’re the only one who can understand this
news. The rest are all happy for me, but they just don’t
get why I find this a great opportunity. Oh well. They
usually stand by me. Anyway, I should probably go. Sorry
I took so long in answering, I didn’t know what to say.
Still don’t when it comes down to it. But you know me,
one I start I can usually find somewhere to go with it.
Well Nature Boy, this pet needs to take a nap. She has
church in the morning.